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Overcoming Programme Issues, Delays, Records and Their Use with NEC ECC

Courses Overview:

This 1 day course will be particularly attractive to delegates who have already been on out ‘Getting to Grips with NEC’ and ‘NEC Compensation Events’ courses. It is necessary that delegates have a detailed background and a working knowledge of the form.

NEC Forms and Time:
All contracts within the NEC3 family are based on the application of sound project management principles. Central to such principles is the management of time. To this end the ECC devotes an entire core clause (number 3) to issues related to time. The core document that comes out the application of this core clause is the Accepted Programme, which by the application of the procedures becomes a dynamic management tool at the centre of the project management regime.

Underlying Principles:
The underlying principle of time management is that it should be constantly monitored. As a result there is a positive obligation for time to be managed by regular updates of the programme, each one of which should act to replace the previous Accepted Programme, thereby keeping the programme fresh.

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