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Within the industry the failure of organisations to appreciate the risks and requirements placed on the by Construction and Contract Law regularly leads to major problems on projects and disputes between the parties. Similarly staff often fail to appreciate the commercial issues behind standard forms of construction contract and the responsibilities that they place on the parties involved.

Construction Study Centre have a wealth of expertise on all the major construction contracts including NEC 3, JCT and PPC 2000. We also have a number of experts who can train you in managing delays and damages or give you advice on adjudication. Find the right course for you below.

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For the full list of all current contracts courses see below:
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APM - PMQ (Project Management Qualification)


The APMP project management qualification is designed for those who see project management as a key part of their role. It establishes a solid foundation in project management behaviours, skills, processes and tools. It is ideal for those, with a few years’ experience in project delivery, who are seeking to consolidate a structured approach to project management.

At the end of the course you will be able to:
•Confidently apply the principles of project management to your project including: ◦Defining the different roles in a project
◦Describing the difference between a project, programme and portfolio
◦Understanding impact of project context on success
◦Establishing the project lifecycle and its benefits
◦Developing a project business case
◦Preparing a project management plan with the associated baselines
◦Describing the way in which project managers lead and develop teams
◦Describe how to control a project including applying earned value management
◦Explain how to procure external resources
◦Explain how quality can be managed during project delivery

•Confidently sit the APMP exam with a clear understanding of what is required to pass.
•Explain the benefits of project management to you and your organisation.

This course will be delivered over 5 days.
Public Course Delegate Rate: £280 plus VAT
No scheduled dates currently available. In-house only.

NEC: Managing and Assessing NEC Compensation Events

Category: Contract and Law
This 1 day course will provide a detailed insight into the mechanisms for managing and assessing compensation events and claims, including ways in which the ethos of the contract can be used to assist project managers, contractors and subcontractors.

The course will also provide a detailed analysis of the contractual basis to compensation events and claims, under the 3rd Edition of the ECC Contract as well as the Subcontract, Professional Services Contract and the other forms.
Public Course Delegate Rate: £298 plus VAT
No scheduled dates currently available. In-house only.

Subcontracting with the Latest NEC4 and JCT

This 1 day course deals with the legal and associated commercial issues involved in Subcontracting including risk and the allocation of risks between the Parties, setting up the Subcontract and common problems that arise all too often.

The course will consider the subject matter in the context of the NEC and JCT Subcontract forms and will make comparisons with previous Subcontract arrangements including Dom/1, Dom/2 and the CECA blue form. This course will most benefit those working for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Benefits of this course:

• Gain an understanding of Subcontracts and the relationship with main contracts
• Get to grips with obligations of subcontractors and contractors
• Gain knowledge of payment procedures for subcontractors
• Define financial compensations and how to claim
• Benefit from a post seminar help line
• Understand the vital points in the successful management of time, quality and valuation of subcontracts
Public Course Delegate Rate: £ plus VAT
No scheduled dates currently available. In-house only.

Temporary Works Co-ordinator

Public Course Delegate Rate: £280 plus VAT
No scheduled dates currently available. In-house only.

Temporary Works Supervisor

A 1 day course designed to provide delegates with a thorough knowledge of the role of a Temporary Works Supervisor and a sound understanding of the risk management of temporary works.
Public Course Delegate Rate: £ plus VAT
No scheduled dates currently available. In-house only.

The Must Know Guide to Construction Contract Principles

Category: Contract and Law
This highly interactive 1 day course is delivered by practising barristers and adjudicators who are highly competent knowledge transfer speakers. The course has been designed to meet the needs of foundation and practitioner level delegates, and to give a greater understanding of UK construction contract law. It is aimed at anyone who has a contractual aspect to their job role, and would benefit from a rounded understanding of laws that underpin the majority of contracts in the construction industry.

The course begins by reviewing all the legal principles, including an understanding of the formation of contract, offer and acceptance, rejection and counter offer and acceptance. Delegates will then review the main contract terms and conditions and the impacts that arise from common mistakes. The aspects of contract breach, damages and claims are fully defined, discussed and reviewed leading onto potential problem areas and risk factors to consider.

Benefits of this course:
• Brush up on knowledge of the Construction Act and Supply of Goods and Services Act
• Gain understanding of the rudimentary concepts of Contract
• Recognise legal principles relating to contract terms
• Become conversant in conditions warranties and terms
• Learn how to risk profiles for the different forms
• Realise how subcontract relationships arise
• Grasp the concepts of collateral warranties bonds parent company guarantees
• Spot pitfalls in construction contracts
• Comprehend the issues of damages, liquidated or unliquidated
• Awareness of the dangers and procedures for termination
• Benefit from a post seminar helpline facility
Public Course Delegate Rate: £ plus VAT
No scheduled dates currently available. In-house only.

The Project Managers NEC Bootcamp

Category: Contract and Law
Potential and current project managers will be gather extensive knowledge on the workings of the NEC together with practical project management skills. A must-have for all project managers working with NEC contracts, this course not only covers principle skills of PM, such as, stakeholder management, working structures and project monitoring, but also provides a wealth of key tips aligned specifically to the NEC 4 forms of contract.

Highly qualified and with practical experience our speakers will guide delegates through the course, providing real, anecdotal evidence of what to do to be a successful project manager and what not to do!

Benefits of this course:
• Get to grips with the technical jargon, buzzwords and acronyms in project management
• Learn the principles behind the NEC 3 suite of contracts
• Recognise the key mechanisms and procedures of a Project Manager working under the NEC3
• Feel confident engaging with our project managers and construction professionals
• Hands on workshops ensuring maximum learning
• Understand how to be a dynamic, self-assured PM
• Benefit from a post-seminar helpline facility
Public Course Delegate Rate: £548 plus VAT
No scheduled dates currently available. In-house only.

Courses 11 to 17 of 17

JCT suite of contracts revisions: 2016 editions to replace the 2011 editions

24/01/17 11:06:09
2016 saw many revisions in the contracting world, most noticeably was the JCT suite of contracts which had 2016 editions to replace the 2011 editions. The new editions feature:
- Fair Payment, transparency and BIM
- CDM Regulations 2015
- Public Contracts Regulations 2015,
- Fair Payment principles, simplification and consolidation of payment provisions
- Easier third party arrangements including performance bond
- Insurance of Existing Structures cover for Contractors, Further changes to improve
- Named Specialists

2016 also saw the issue of the THE SOCIETY OF CONSTRUCTION LAW DELAY AND DISRUPTION PROTOCOL 2nd Edition, all be it as a consultation draft.

The 2nd Edition of the Pre Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes was also launched in 2016. It is similar in many ways to it’s predecessor, with the main change being the new edition introduces a Protocol Referee Procedure where by TeCSA appoint a referee who provides a binding Decision.

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